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The spectrum of bright and vibrant colors on a screen can look beautiful. However, it's nearly impossible to print the exact colors you see on screen simply because your monitor displays a color that does not exist with color ink.

Always keep in mind your screen is lying to you!  Our print production process uses the Gang-Run Print Method. Using this process helps to offset the production cost, which is, in return, given back to you on low-cost, quality print media.

We do offer custom PANTONE® inks! // If special PANTONE® ink is needed, please submit a quote here.

Although we cannot guarantee we'll match your CMYK colors 100% exactly, you can expect your print job to be produced at the highest quality possible. Our production team guarantees a consistent 95%-98% color match throughout your order quantity for Gang-Run Printing // 98% - 100% for Custom Print Run. Though, some re-orders may have a very slight shade difference between them when ordering over some time. We cover these topics below --

Gang-Run Print Method

A Gang Run, also known as a Combination Run or Combo Run, is a term for printing multiple jobs in the same production run on a printing press. By printing similar jobs from a multitude of customers simultaneously, the cost of each job is substantially reduced. This is because the production costs, like press set-up and paper waste, is distributed across many jobs, not just applied to one job.

When is a Gang Run used?

All printing jobs in the press run must share the same paper and ink specifications to take advantage of gang-run savings. This makes the more popular printed items better candidates for gang runs. For example, full-color business cards are commonly grouped as a gang, as are flyers, simpler brochures, door hangers, and postcards. The use of gang runs has significantly lowered the price of many items printed in full color, particularly smaller orders which might have otherwise been too cost prohibitive if produced by their separate press run.

Gang-Run Printing Vs Custom Print Run

In today's fast-evolving world, new markets are being created every second. With those markets, companies tend to have tight budgets. With Gang-Run printing, you can avoid the high paying set up production costs just for 500 business cards. Not only are you saving money by using the Gang-Run print method, but you're getting very consistent color results.

Before your job hits the press, our press operators balance colors throughout all jobs, giving all sets a nice 95%-98% color consistency. In the example below, you'll see the results of printing all 30 different dark business cards on a single print run, versus 30 lighter business cards on a single print run. If, for example, your business card has a dark background, but the remaining 29 business cards are very light, your finished card may be slightly lighter due to this.

Although using the SAME graphic as before, you'll notice that the realtor's business card color has changed, but only slightly between the two print runs. This occurs only if most of the print run consists of lighter shades of color. On the realtor's business card, you'll notice that the lighter run made the skin tones duller than the other print run. Although this is a natural part of the printing process, this is not considered to be a press issue. This is why we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your monitor will print exactly on paper. Nor will we be able to match your business card color exactly in every single print run.

If you're very serious about how the color needs to turn out, we highly suggest checking out PANTONE® formula guides.

If special PANTONE® ink is needed, please submit a quote here.