We The Printers have teamed up with StoneThis to provide you with a ONE-OF-A-KIND business card. An elegant, unique, and fully customizable business card made from REAL stone. Our Stone Business Cards are light and flexible. Mix and match from various stones, print options, and metal monograms that will make a great first impression.
NEW! Introducing Metal Monogram, your text or logo cut from REAL metal. Personalize your business card with your name or logo carved from metal. Each metal logo is hand-pasted on every card. The metal monogram amplifies the beauty of the natural stone.

Our signature stone cards are made using StonePage. StonePage is a 100% natural stone surface adhered to a piece of fabric. It is extremely light, completely flexible, and only 1mm thick. A wide range of stones with vibrant colors is available for your selection.

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An introduction to remember. Choose from our wide range of printing options to print on paper and back the card with stone. Select from various printing options like digital print, screen print, hot foil stamp, and Raised Spot UV.

Available Stones for Option 1 - Spanish Earth, Glacier White, Royally Bengal, and Diamond Rock


Make an impression like never before. Print on the stone surface using our advanced printing techniques. Your name is cast in stone. Introducing FOUR beautiful Stone varieties for the 'Print on Stone' option. Cap the back of the card with either white or black paper (black paper is recommended). Although PANTONE Ink can be applied to stone, expect a 30% color tolerance between each card. This is naturally caused by the stone surface.

Available Stones for Option 2 - Spanish Earth, Glacier White, Pyramido, and Erid Black

STEP #1: Configure Your Print Specs

Back with Stone
Print on Stone
Spanish Earth
Glacier White
Royally Bengal
Diamond Rock
Black Paper
White Paper
Silver Metal Monogram
Gold Metal Monogram
Four Corners - 1/8"
Four Corners - 1/4"
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