How to set up General Print Files

Setting up your print files can be very simple. However, we still advise you to please use our print templates. Using our templates will assure that the files are set up correctly. This will avoid any delays in the design/printing process. If you choose not to use our templates, we have created a brief ‘how-to’ for you to use when setting up your files for print.

How to prep your print file

Right before you start designing, you have to select your document preferences. Typically, this is how your document settings should look when beginning a business card design. Obviously if you’re designing a brochure or a flyer, the sizes will be different. The two main things that should be double checked are the resolution and color mode. Your resolution should be set to no less than 300 DPI and the color mode must be set at CMYK.

Correct files mean everything

Setting up any type of print file is fairly easy, however it can be critical if you miss a simple step. When setting up any type of file for print, you want to make sure you have the correct resolution. It’s always important when setting up your file for print, to set your resolution to at least 300 DPI. If the document is set to 72 DPI and set to print, your item will be printed with a distorted, blurry image. To see what the difference is between 72 DPI and 300 DPI see the illustration below. Any files sent in at 72 DPI will be rejected and could cause delay.

Having the right bleed lines

What is a bleed line? A bleed line is a line that shows you what will be cut and wont be cut. For this reason, you are also to make graphics or even photos meet the edge of your finished piece. All artwork sent to us for print requires a bleed line either 1/8 or 1/4. Typically for business cards, we require 1/8 inch (0.125) bleed on all sides. However, for brochures or flyers, we require 1/4 inch (.25) bleed on all sides. When submitting your files please make sure you have the correct bleed lines! To ensure you have the correct bleed lines, use our print templates when designing your files.

Files we accept

We accept the following files, .psd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg. If you are sending files that are .ai, .pdf, or .eps, please make sure you outline your fonts! If a file is received without the fonts being outline, it will be rejected and will be asked for an updated file.


The colors you see on your screen will not be the colors you will see on your printed final. You can avoid this problem by having the documents color mode set to CMYK. Your monitor will display millions of colors that do not even exist in ink. Is it very rare that colors on your screen match what is being printed. By setting your document to CMYK you will be able to tell what colors are best to choose from. We cannot guarantee the colors you see on screen will be exact when printed.

Still confused?

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